• Slow start

    Darwin- Ambon Race. Carbon Main Kevlar No1

  • Photo by Tom Vincent

  • Photo by Tom Vincent

  • Free Standing Rig

    ...and very very bendy- 2 Dacron mainsails

  • Club Racer

    Kevlar/Dyneema Main & Headsail

  • Telltales

    Don't ya love em

  • Boat cover

  • Yay it fits, lets go sailing. Mainsail- radial cruise laminate

  • Foredeck protection

  • This is what it's all about ... for some

Sail Loft, Canvas & Marine Trimming

  • Layline Sails will make your sails for racing or cruising using 3D CAD and plotting in our Darwin loft.
  • Quality
  • Performance
  • Durability

LayLine Sails

We have made sails for dinghys to 85ft catamarans, so whatever your requirements are

LayLine Sails are here meet your expectations. We also make the following;

Boom Covers


Boat Awnings



We are also agents for Doyle Sails

Sail Making and Repairs