• In we go

  • Putting the stick on

  • I'm glad it wasn't my head that stopped the gybe

  • Mmm...ok, you can let me down now! Bee next to mast too, another occupational hazard.

  • A metallurgist's delight, look at that crystalline structure.

  • In my element

  • Should have had a tang instead of a T Ball for this application
    Mangled adapter in mast furling

  • New gas spring thanks

  • One new boom coming up..

  • My boomerang won't come back

  • A bit of a geometry problem

  • Forestay toggle made of 8mm stainless is stretched by being overloaded from clevis pin extracting itself on one side

  • Cartouche

    Split pin as found on Beneteau First 50 forestay. Legs have sheared off and head only 2mm from disaster

  • Another one, and only 1 week to go before the big race

  • Up up and away

  • 28 metres of pure pleasure

Standing and Running rigging

  • Manufacture and installation of  standing and running rigging
  • Rig inspection & tuning
  • Furler sales and service
  • Masts and Booms
  • Work carried out aloft

Seafleet Marine offers a  rigging service using best quality components.

We can re rig your vessel and carry out work aloft.

We deal with all the major Furler manufactures and can install the unit best suited to your requirements.

We can supply replacements or carry out repairs to refurbish your Spars.

Masts and Booms

Boom Vangs, Spinnaker Poles

Life Lines, Lazy Jacks, Jack Stays

Running Rigging and Splicing

Deck Hardware

We also offer Archetectural Rigging and  Ballustrading


Rigging Brands